Case: Webelephant, Van Asten & MageHost

A successful shop at Webelephant

The best example of a good and long-term customer relationship is our partner Webelephant, with whom we have been working since before MageHost was called MageHost.

In this customer case we explain how Webelephant can help your shop through a success story. We also explain, based on this success story, how we helped them to make the webshops of their customers stable and faster.

case Magento Hosting customer- Webelephant
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Case: BEpic, Serenco & MageHost

How BEpic helps the manufacturing industry

Running a good webshop is extremely important, especially in this digital age. But how do you digitise a physical store and where does that start? These are questions that companies in the manufacturing industry are particularly concerned about. 

In this case we will tell you how our partner BEpic helps companies in the manufacturing industry, in collaboration with MageHost, to solve exactly these kinds of difficult problems.

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