How we make Magento fast

How we make Magento fast

A combination of the following hardware and software is used to make Magento run fast.
We also use several tools to monitor, graph and analyse the performance 24/7.


  • No virtualisation, bare metal hardware performance
  • Top quality enterprise Dell hardware, redundant: cpu, memory, disks, power, fans
  • A fast hardware raid controller with 8 GB BBU Cache
  • Tons of memory, 128 Gb per server
  • Lots of CPUs: 24 cores / 48 threads AMD EPYC
  • Datacenter grade SSD Disks
  • BIOS configuration tweaked for Magento performance
  • Out-of-band management

Operating System

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server
  • Critical updates are installed within 1 workday
  • Updates are installed at least every week
  • No generic hosting control panel like Plesk / DirectAdmin / cPanel, we have our own specialised configs

Web Server

  • Apache 2.4.x with HTTP/2 for customers who want to use .htaccess files
  • HaProxy 2.3.x for SSL offloading and load balancing
  • Every web server configuration is tweaked for Magento





  • Sessions in Redis
  • Tweaks in PHP configuration for optimal Magento sessions
  • A script that cleans up old sessions


  • ElasticSearch locally on the server
  • We also support Solr, Sphinx, etc



  • On-site spare hardware
  • Daily backup with off-site rotation
  • Daily MySQL export using mysqldump
  • An undisclosed network firewall
  • Web Application firewall (WAF)
  • Custom rules to protect against known Magento and extension vulnerabilities
  • Our network has DDoS filtering using NaWas
  • Several configuration changes to increase security
  • We have a contract with Sansec‘s to scan all sites daily using eComScan and report automatically


  • 24/7 monitoring via Nagios, alerting via PagerDuty
  • Munin
  • Our own GoBench based load testing script.
  • A lot of own monitoring scripts for Nagios and Munin


About the Author
Jeroen Vermeulen
Jeroen acquired his extensive knowledge of hosting, Magento, the technology and all the rest in big-name hosting companies and during vocational training courses. In recent years he has booked considerable success as one of the top Magento programmers in Benelux and is something of a household name in that area of expertise.