As owner of a webshop you are looking for reliability, speed and quality. Big, busy webshops must remain online all the time.

MageHost means that you can be sure of hypermodern, high performance servers that are fully geared to the many visitors that your shop attracts and the number of different products you have in there.

MageHost also means that you have next to no problems with outages. We monitor your shop and servers 24/7 proactively with graphics and SMS alerts. Is something still going wrong? In that case we will usually sort things out before you yourself have even noticed. After all, an expert can be contacted 24/7 at MageHost. Our expert will then examine your problem with one single purpose: getting your webshop up and running again as quickly as possible.



The speed of a webshop largely determines the scale of its success.

That applies not only for the visitors’ experience as users. SEO specialists have also noted that Google assigns faster sites a higher ranking in the search results.

So it is hardly surprising that we should do all we can to reduce the response times of our servers and increase the performance of your webshop.


Long-term contracts with loads of technical jargon and special clauses? No thank you.

MageHost attaches more importance to long-term relations and an open way of doing business. We see you as more than just a number. For us, personal contact is so very important. It’s all about perfectly anticipating and catering to your needs.

The chance of your not being satisfied with our services is incredibly small. But just suppose, that such does, for whatever reason, happen to be the case. Our contracts may be ended per month. We even give you the information you might need to find alternative solutions.


How MageHost makes the difference

Exclusive Magento Hosting

Our expertise is extensive. And we think with, proactively.

Sufficient capacity

So it's no problem if you ever use more resources.

Clear package prices

No unpleasant surprises. Only extra traffic means extra cost.

Uptime-Monitoring & Alerting

Your webshop is monitored 24/7. 365 days a year.

Open way of doing business

For example, our contracts may be ended per month.

Crossover after midnight

We limit the downtime for your visitors to an absolute minimum.

Quality hardware

All hardware is in own management: top quality, proven technology.

Proactive co-thinking

We keep on optimizing, we also do it behind the screens.

Performance optimization

We're happy about each millisecond we make your shop faster.


We like to think with you.

Speak directly with an expert,
with extensive Magento know-how
who never avoids any performance challenge.

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