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Cloud Hosting & Hardware Hosting: The Differences

In the previous blog, we explained what cloud hosting and hardware hosting exactly entail by means of a comparison. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the differences between the two. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of both types.    

Cloudhosting & hardware hosting: What is it?

Cloud hosting has been around for a while now and is growing in popularity, but there are still some misconceptions about what it entails. In this blog, we’ll explain what cloud hosting is compared to the “old-fashioned” variant: hosting on hardware.

Worry-free data security at MageHost

Worry-free data security at MageHost

In the previous blog, we discussed what security when hosting a web shop means exactly. In this blog, we will discuss how we, MageHost,  try to guarantee the security of your Web shop as best as possible, so that you have as little to worry about as possible.  

data security

How secure is your data? 

In the previous blog series on data localisation, we already touched upon it: data security. But what does security for a web shop mean in practical terms? And perhaps a better question for webshop owners: How do I minimise the worries? In this blog, we will explain where webshop security starts and how companies can […]

Data-lokalisatie in de EU

Data Localisation in the EU: Keeping your data local

In previous blogs we have discussed what Data Localisation is and what the advantages and disadvantages are. In this blog we will discuss localisation of your data in the EU and the Netherlands and why it is still interesting to keep your data locally.

Pros and cons

Data Localisation: The pros and cons

In the previous blog “Data-localisation: Infrastructure in your own country” we looked at what Data-localisation entails, and why more and more countries are adopting it.  We have also already named some tricky issues that have come up in discussions on the topic of Data-localisation. In this blog, we will list the main advantages and disadvantages.


Data localisation: Infrastructure in your own country

What is data-localisation? The term is being used more and more, and you may be hearing more and more about it: Data Localisation. The accompanying discussion about whether it is good or bad often follows. But what does it mean exactly?  Data localisation is the phenomenon where countries increasingly choose to store their data on […]

PHP 8 Update

PHP 8: The importance of staying up-to-date with your webshop

A new version of PHP has been available for some time now: PHP 8. Perhaps you have already heard a few things about this. You might have even received a message that your webshop is running on an outdated version of PHP. Now the question arises: “Why should I upgrade my webshop?” In this article […]

Knowledge Base

You can find our manuals in our Knowledge Base on https://support.magehost.pro/hc/

Find bottlenecks of slow pages with Magento Profiling

Probably, most of you encounter the problem that particular Magento pages are a lot slower than others. The performance of our servers is permanently monitored by automated monitoring systems and also by engineers looking at the charts. We make sure that the server is not getting slow, and if a certain account is causing problems, […]

MySQL Query Logging

When there has been quite some developing to a web shop and/or several extensions are been installed, chances are that the Magento front end doesn’t react as fast as it did before. The reason can often be found in useless MySQL queries. When the PHP code and Magento templates have been set up optimally, many […]

Hosting bij MageHost

How we make Magento fast

A combination of the following hardware and software is used to make Magento run fast. We also use several tools to monitor, graph and analyse the performance 24/7.

Test your server: The basis for fast Magento hosting is fast hardware.

The basis for fast Magento hosting is fast hardware. Virtual servers and hosting accounts are often sold with all kinds of great promises, but in practice they do not deliver the performance that Magento, and hence you, needs. In order to compare different servers with each other, we have developed some tests. We also show […]