Test your server: The basis for fast Magento hosting is fast hardware.

Test your server: The basis for fast Magento hosting is fast hardware.

The basis for fast Magento hosting is fast hardware. Virtual servers and hosting accounts are often sold with all kinds of great promises, but in practice they do not deliver the performance that Magento, and hence you, needs. In order to compare different servers with each other, we have developed some tests. We also show the results of our servers, so you can compare them. If you have a virtual or shared server, maybe they do not provide the same performance at busy times of the day as in quiet moments. Therefore, it is advisable to perform the tests at various times.

To install the tests, you must be the root user on that server. If necessary, ask your hosting provider to do the installation for you.


Installation in Ubuntu / Debian

apt-get install iozone3 sysbench

Installatie in CentOS 6, 64 bits

rpm -Uvh http://fedora.cu.be/epel/6/x86_64/epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm
rpm -Uvh http://pkgs.repoforge.org/rpmforge-release/rpmforge-release-0.5.3-1.el6.rf.x86_64.rpm
rpm -Uvh http://repo.webtatic.com/yum/el6/x86_64/webtatic-release-6-6.noarch.rpm
yum install –enablerepo=epel,rpmforge,webtatic,dag iozone sysbench


IO Zone – Test disk performance

Execute this test in the directory containing the Magento files, probably called httpdocs or public_html.

iozone -i0 -i2 -I -s100M

random random
 KB reclen write rewrite read reread read write
 102400 4 67259 87187 84126 81562

For this test, the server must write a file of 100 MB, and then read sequentially and random. The results are in kilobytes per second, so the higher the better.

SysBench – CPU Test

sysbench –test=cpu –num-threads=4 run

Maximum prime number checked in CPU test: 10000
 Test execution summary:
 total time: 2.7464s
 total number of events: 10000

In this test, the CPU must find all the prime numbers under 10,000 as soon as possible. The number is the time that was required in seconds. The lower the better.

SysBench – Test Geheugen

sysbench –test=memory run

Memory transfer size: 102400M
 Test execution summary:
    total time: 35.4085s
    total number of events: 104857600

The memory must write a total of 100 Gigabyte in this test. The result is the time required in seconds. The lower the better.


                    |         more = beter         |   less = beter   |
                    |        IO Zone kB/sec        |SysBench Total Sec|
Moon  |Monitoring VM|      999|     9844|       975|    3,09|    78,76|
Sky   |Magento Svr  |    81296|    98169|    100445|    2.75|    45.57|
Sun   |Magento Svr  |    92259|   108916|    104129|    3.14|    35.78|
Wind  |Magento Svr  |   139739|   180145|    171239|    2.75|    25.50|

Of course fast hardware is only the beginning. The servers of Magentohosting.PRO are also extensively optimized for Magento concerning equipment. All components such as memory usage, PHP, web server and database, are tuned in detail to perform optimally in combination with Magento.

About the Author
Jeroen Vermeulen
Jeroen acquired his extensive knowledge of hosting, Magento, the technology and all the rest in big-name hosting companies and during vocational training courses. In recent years he has booked considerable success as one of the top Magento programmers in Benelux and is something of a household name in that area of expertise.